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Why I'm Against Store-Bought Syrup

Store-bought syrups might seem appealing, but they aren't that great. I really wanted to show you guys the pros and cons of store-bought syrups, so I made a list below:

Store-Bought Syrup:


- It's easy to make snow-cones with.

- The container is nice.

Yup, those are the only pros.


- It's completely artificial.

- They don't taste that great.

- It's super unhealthy. Here's an example:

- There's a disgusting amount of food coloring.

- Does it have natural flavors? Well, what's natural. Pretty much anything not man-made. That means that they could put ANYTHING natural in their syrups without listing it in the ingredients. Yuck!

Now, let's move on to a more delightful topic. Like homemade snow-cones!

Homemade Syrup:


- It's healthy... enough.

- You can make pretty much any syrup you like.

- It's downright scrumptious!

- You choose the ingredients.

- No food coloring necessary!


- N/A

Thanks for reading!

Note: The reason the bottle is almost empty is from the times we used it before we knew about homemade syrup. I really don't know how we downed the stuff.

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