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The Lawry Sting

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The Lawry Sting is one of the first popcorn recipes I invented. It is one of my favorite savory popcorn flavors. I also like how customizable it is. You can make it fairly mild or flamin' hot. I think that it's a very good one for spicy-lovers, but not too hot for people with more sensitive pallets. Let's get started:

What You'll Need:

An air popper


1/2 cup popcorn

1 tbs. butter

1/4 cup olive oil

2-4 tbs. nutritional yeast

Ghost pepper salt to taste (you can get it here)

Lawry's to taste


Step 1: Turn the air popper on, then pour the 1/2 cup popcorn in.

Step 2: While the popcorn is heating, put your olive oil and butter in a 1/3 cup and heat it for 18-22 seconds.

Step 3: Once your popcorn is done popping, spread the butter-olive oil mixture on the popcorn, using a teaspoon.

Step 4: Sprinkle the ghost pepper sea salt, lawry's, and your nutritional yeast on your popcorn.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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