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Justin's Special No. 2

This is definitely one of my favorite popcorns. That's why I labeled it a special. It's spicy, a bit cheesy, and a little sweet, too. It's not a Christmas popcorn, but it's so good, I had to include it in the spectacular December Blog-A-Thon! Let's get started:

What You'll Need:

A popcorn popper (air popper, microwave, stovetop, etc.)

A bowl


1/2 cup popcorn

1 tbs. butter and olive oil in a 1/3 cup

Chipotle Parmesan Seasoning to taste (you can get it here)

Cayenne Pepper Seasoning to taste (you can get it here)

Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

3 tbs. Nutritional Yeast


Step 1: Pop your popcorn and put it in the bowl.

Step 2: Take the butter and olive oil and microwave it for 18 seconds. Drizzle on the popcorn with a teaspoon while stirring.

Step 3: Lightly sprinkle the chipotle parmesan, cayenne, and crushed red pepper flakes on the popcorn. Stir thoroughly and re-season, lightly.

Step 4: Sprinkle the nutritional yeast on and shake the bowl a little.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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