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Chai Kettle Corn

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Kettle Corn. It is undoubtedly one of the best types of popcorn. It's sweet, salty, and crisp. So I am going to teach you how to make it. This recipe makes about 4 quarts of popped popcorn.

What You'll Need:

A large pot

A lid for the pot

A wooden spoon

A large bowl


1/2 cup unpopped kernels

1/3 cup vegetable/canola oil (I know it's unhealthy, but olive oil doesn't work as well)

1/4 cup white sugar

3 scoops chai tea powder (you can get it here)

Salt to taste


Step 1: Put the pot over the burner on medium heat. Pour the vegetable oil in. Then put three unpopped kernels in. Put a lid on. Don't pour the rest of the kernels in until all three kernels pop.

Step 2: Once the three kernels all pop, pour the rest in along with the sugar and chai tea powder and stir it in until it's all mixed. Cover the pot.

Step 3: Wait 30 seconds. No less. No more.

Step 4: Then, start shaking. Three seconds shaking. Three seconds sitting. Shake horizontally and vertically. Make sure to keep it on the burner. Don't lift the pot up to shake it. Keep it on the burner at all times. Once it slows down to about 2-3 seconds a pop, take it off the burner and turn the burner off.

Step 5: Use the wooden spoon to pour the popcorn from the pot to the bowl and to keep unpopped kernels from falling in. Then salt to taste.

Step 6: Let it sit for a minute to avoid burning your mouth. Enjoy!

Soon you'll have wonderful kettle corn that'll bring everyone to your house. Once COVID's over.

Pro tip: Use mushroom popcorn. It pops in a ball shape and it works really well. You can get it here.

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